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About Hongfeng VAC

Hongfeng Mechanical Equipment Manfuactory was founded in 2008, for more than 10 years, we are specialized in research & design, as well as manufacturing customized PVD coating machines for our clients all over the world.



We have extensively absorbed the design advantages of similar PVD equipment from Germany, Japan, and Italy, focusing on the PVD (physical vapor deposition) metal coating machines field. 

Business Scope

Vacuum PVD coater is a kind of multiple functional machine. PVD coating systems can be used for different applications and materials of substrates. 

Hongfeng VAC produces a complete range of machinery, offering different types of PVD coating units:

  • Vacuum Metallizing Machine

  • PVD Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine

  • PVD Arc Deposition Coating Systems

The coating machines can be widely used in electronics, telecommunications, automotive, industrial tools, appliances, cosmetics, toys and other industries, glass mirrors, conductive glass, etc.

Technical Services

We provide customized PVD units which can be made according to the customer's requirements.

We provide all lifetime technical supports on vacuum coating equipment. We send experts to the client's workshop for installation and commissioning.

For many of our clients, they are new users for PVD system. Traing can be provided during the installation trip. 

Alsom if you have any question during daily production, please feel free to contact us in any time.

Toubleshooting service is available for your existing vacuum equipment.