• Automatic Glass Mirror Coating Line
  • Automatic Glass Mirror Coating Line
  • Automatic Glass Mirror Coating Line

Automatic Glass Mirror Coating Line

Brand :Hongfeng VAC

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 150 working days after order

Supply capacity :5 sets per year

Automatic Glass Mirror Coating Line is a continuous equipment for manufacturing glass mirror. Automatic Glass Mirror Coating Line is composited by several vacuum chambers to get all work in a line. Automatic Glass Mirror Coating Line is high capacity and good quality.

Automatic Glass Mirror Coating Line 

Mirror Coating Line

The automatic glass mirror coating line for tinted glass adopts PVD vacuum magnetron sputtering technology to coat transparent flat glass with 24K golden mirror, 18K golden mirror, red golden mirror, purple mirror, purple red mirror, violet mirror, blue mirror, grey mirror, bronze mirror, pink mirror and auspicious yellow etc.

Main features:

1.Max.glass coating size:2440x3660mm

2. Multi-vacuum chambers and multi-sputtering chamber design are available

3. The horizontal magnetic control line has single-end and double-end structure; glass double cleaning, coating, detection, painting, drying, cooling can be finished all at one time

4. Sputtering target design:  cylindrical cathode target and planar sputtering cathode target.

5. Power allocation: power supply with high power magnetron sputtering

Drive system: roller drive, frequency adjustable, induction type room door opening system.

6. Vacuum system: diffusion pump (or turbo molecular pump) + roots pump mechanical pump

Optional: cryogenic pump

The size of automatic glass coating line can be customized.

What size of the PVD coating machine do you have?
We do have different models of PVD coating machine. But usually we recommend the machine according to the size of the max. parts of customers. Since we have seen the drawing of pcs from you, we will make sure the machine can coat all of your pcs and reaches to the desired capacity....more
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