• Bathroom Accessories PVD Coating Machine
  • Bathroom Accessories PVD Coating Machine
  • Bathroom Accessories PVD Coating Machine

Bathroom Accessories PVD Coating Machine

Brand :Hongfeng VAC

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 70 working days after order

Supply capacity :30 sets per year

Bathroom Accessories PVD Coating Machine is a kind of PVD electrical arc deposition machine. The Bathroom Accessories PVD Coating Machine is capable to apply different coatings, such as titanium nitride coatings and other metal or alloy coatings on Bathroom Accessories and other products.

Bathroom Accessories PVD Coating Machine

Machine Drawing:

Bathroom Accessories coating

Machine Introduction:

Bathroom Accessories PVD Coating Machine is a kind of PVD electrical arc deposition machine.

This electrical arc deposition machine adopts plasma vacuum coating principle, arc plating technology and magnetron sputtering technology to realize multi-function coating effect. They are widely used in coating one or more layers of metal coating on surface of metal spare part and metal materials such as TIN coating, gold-like coating, gun metal coating and other high quality decorative coating.

Main features:

1 .PVD Coating chamber is box-type structure of front door which is made of stainless steal

2. The specification of coating chamber and axle size of workpiece meets the general requirements of coating needs

3. Arc source is advanced and reliable

4. Cylindrical or planar magnetron sputter are available

5. Automatic or manual control of PLC is available

Techanical Specifications:

Available coatings
(could be changed according to each machine)
TiN, Titanium, Chrome, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Silver, Copper, Nikel, etc
Common applications
1. Glass bangles
2. Ceramic tiles & mosaics
3. Glass mosaics
4. jewelry
5. Mobile phone accessories
7. Tablewares
8. Dental items
9. Stainless steel sheets into Titanium golden sheets,
10. Shotgun parts, etc
Model NumberARC-1000ARC-1200ARC-1400ARC-1800ARC-2000
Dimension of vacuum chamber(diameter*height)1000*11001200*14001400*16001800*20002000*2200
Material of vacuum chamberSUS304 or SUS316L with cooling jacket
Quantity of arc sources8-12 sets10-14 sets12-16 sets14-24 sets18-36 sets
Pumping systemmolecular pump or diffusion pump+mechanical pumpmolecular pump or diffusion pump+mechanical pumps, booster pump
Pumping TimeFrom atmosphere to 5.0*10-2Pa  less than 8 minutes
Bias Power Supply20kW30kW40kW60kW60kW
Gas distribution System with Mass Flow Controllers2 sets
Vacuum Limit5.0*10-4 Pa
Working temperature100-250 centigrades
Working modeAutomatic or Manual mode, by 10.4 inches PLC touches screen
Total Power70-180kW70-180kW70-180kW120-300kW120-300kW

Bathroom Accessories coating machine

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