• DC Magnetron Sputtering Machine
  • DC Magnetron Sputtering Machine
  • DC Magnetron Sputtering Machine

DC Magnetron Sputtering Machine

Brand :Hongfeng VAC

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 60 working days after order

Supply capacity :30 sets per year

DC Magnetron Sputtering Machine is used for vacuum deposition different kinds of metal coatings on plastic, ceramic, glass and metal.
The main application: solar heat collecting items, disposable plastic tablewares, car accessories, headlamp, etc

DC Magnetron Sputtering Machine

Machine Structure:

Sputtering Machine

Applications of DC Magnetron Sputtering Machine:

DC sputtering

Technical Specifications:

Maximum loading size:We design the vacuum chamber size and loading fixture according to customer requirements
Vacuum chamber type:Vertical
Vacuum chamber material:Stainless steel or carbon steel
Applicable substrate material:PC, PET, PP, PE, etc.
PVD technology:DC magnetron sputtering or unbalanced sputtering
Extraction speed: 8min can reach 0.05Pa
Vacuum system:    Turbo molecular pump or diffusion pump + roots pump + mechanical pump
Processing cycle:It takes less than 15 minutes to complete the process from substrate placement, sputtering, and removal. It also varies according to different processes.
Reflectivity:85% or more
Sputtering chamber:High utilization sputtering cathode
Sputtering power type:DC or unbalanced sputtering power
Sputtering materials:     Aluminum, copper, titanium, stainless steel, silver, etc. according to customer process requirements
Process gas:  Argon, nitrogen, oxygen, acetylene, etc

About Hongfeng VAC:
magnetron sputtering

Sputtering Machine

What size of the PVD coating machine do you have?
We do have different models of PVD coating machine. But usually we recommend the machine according to the size of the max. parts of customers. Since we have seen the drawing of pcs from you, we will make sure the machine can coat all of your pcs and reaches to the desired capacity....more
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