• Door Handles PVD Coating Machine
  • Door Handles PVD Coating Machine
  • Door Handles PVD Coating Machine
  • Door Handles PVD Coating Machine

Door Handles PVD Coating Machine

Brand :Hongfeng VAC

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 70 working days after order

Supply capacity :30 sets per year

Door Handles PVD Coating Machine comes with arc deposition or/and magnetron sputtering system to obtain more coating colors.

Door Handles PVD Coating Machine has many advantages such as good controllability andrepeatability for film thickness; strong adhesion between substrate and film; making special material film and let different materials coating on pro ducts’surface at the same time, then will make mixed film, compound film, TiN imitation gold film; high purity films etc..

Door Handles PVD Coating Machine

handles PVD machine

Machine Specifications:

· Overall structure: vertical front door, horizontal front door, rear vacuum acquisition system

· Material: The cavity is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel

· Arc source: equipped with multiple sets of arc power system according to the size of the equipment

· Bias power supply: equipped with high-power single-stage pulse bias power supply

· Rotation system: frequency conversion speed regulation, combined with revolution and rotation, can adopt the upper or lower transmission mode

· Heating system: 250 ℃ temperature control PID for decorative coating can be adjusted and controlled, and 550 ℃ temperature control PID for super hard tool coating can be adjusted and controlled

· Intelligent control: PLC intelligent control + HMI full color touch screen, realizing logic full automatic control

· Alarm and protection: alarm for abnormal conditions and implement 

Product Specifications:

Chamber MaterialSUS-304
Size of vacuum chamberCustomized
Chamber structurerear vacuum acquisition system
PVD coating technologyArc evaporation deposition
Optional coating systemUnbalanced magnetron sputtering
Vacuum pumping systemDiffusion pump or molecular pump+mechanical pump+roots pump
GasNitrogen, argon, C2H2, Oxgen, etc
Available colorgolden, rose golden, brass, copper, silver, black, blue, etc
Control systemPLC automatic control and manual control
Ultimate vacuum8.0×10-4Pa


PVD Coating Machine

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