• Horizontal PVD Vacuum Coating Machine
  • Horizontal PVD Vacuum Coating Machine
  • Horizontal PVD Vacuum Coating Machine

Horizontal PVD Vacuum Coating Machine

Brand :Hongfeng VAC

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 60 working days after order

Supply capacity :30 sets per year

Horizontal PVD Vacuum Coating Machine comes with a horizontal vacuum chamber. When you install a Horizontal PVD Vacuum Coating Machine, you do not have to make a hole on the floor or make a platform for the machine.

Horizontal PVD Vacuum Coating Machine

General Description:

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is characterized by the creation of a metal vapor that can be reacted with different gases to form a thin film coating. The most common PVD methods used today are arc deposition and sputtering. Both processes are carried out under high vacuum conditions within a coating chamber.

This technology allows us to apply biocompatible, wear protective, anti-allergic coatings for a variety of medical devices including orthopedic implants and surgical instruments.

horizontal PVD coating

Machine Applications:

 coating machine

Door and Window Hardware

Glass Bottles

Plumbing Fixtures

Watch Parts

Whirlpool Tub Hardware

Automotive Decorative Ornamentation

Entry Security Systems


Medical Instruments


Ceramic Tiles



Wear Resistance

Corrosion Resistance

Extremely Hard Surface Structure

Long Wear Capability

Tarnish Resistant

UV Stable

Decorative Coating Colors:





What size of the PVD coating machine do you have?
We do have different models of PVD coating machine. But usually we recommend the machine according to the size of the max. parts of customers. Since we have seen the drawing of pcs from you, we will make sure the machine can coat all of your pcs and reaches to the desired capacity....more
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