• Power Supplies For Coating System
  • Power Supplies For Coating System
  • Power Supplies For Coating System

Power Supplies For Coating System

Brand :Made in China

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 60 working days after order

Supply capacity :30 sets per year

We provide different Power Supplies For Coating System. Such as bias power supply, arc inverter(arc power supply), DC sputtering power supply and MF power supply.

Hongfeng VAC has been specialized in manufacturing PVD coating systems since 2008. In the past over 10 years, we havn acknowledged the market of PVD coaters. We know the quality of different brand and we provide the stable quality accessories for vacuum equipment.

Power Supplies For Coating System

Product Description: 

There are different kinds of power supplies used in PVD coaters.

For arc deposition machine:

Arc inverter(arc power supplies) ----- This is the power supply for arc evaporation cathodes

Bias power supply ----- This power supplies can improve the durability of coatings during PVD coating process

For themal evaporation machine:

High power transformer

For magnetron sputtering machine:

DC sputtering power supply

MF(medium frequency) power supply

Bias power supply(this also works for arc deposition machine)

Power Supplies

power supplies for coating system

What size of the PVD coating machine do you have?
We do have different models of PVD coating machine. But usually we recommend the machine according to the size of the max. parts of customers. Since we have seen the drawing of pcs from you, we will make sure the machine can coat all of your pcs and reaches to the desired capacity....more
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