• TiAlN TiCN TiN CrN PVD Vacuum Coating System
  • TiAlN TiCN TiN CrN PVD Vacuum Coating System
  • TiAlN TiCN TiN CrN PVD Vacuum Coating System
  • TiAlN TiCN TiN CrN PVD Vacuum Coating System
  • TiAlN TiCN TiN CrN PVD Vacuum Coating System
  • TiAlN TiCN TiN CrN PVD Vacuum Coating System

TiAlN TiCN TiN CrN PVD Vacuum Coating System

Brand :Hongfeng VAC

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 70 working days after order

Supply capacity :30 sets per year

TiAlN TiCN TiN CrN PVD Vacuum Coating System is used for applying different kinds of PVD hard coatings on tools, dies, drills and knifes, etc.

The TiAlN TiCN TiN CrN PVD Vacuum Coating System comes with arc deposition or/and magnetron sputtering coating unit to obtain good quality coatings. The hardness of coatings can protect the surface of products so that we can make the lifetime of tools much longer than it without coatings.

TiAlN TiCN TiN CrN PVD Vacuum Coating System

TiCN vacuum coating system


TIN is a basic film, and it is still reliable and common standard film. This film can prevent abrasive wear and sticking wear. Being used widely because of its decorative function and as abrasion indicator

Application of TiN coatings:

Steel cutting, stamping and molding (low hardness material ) injection molding, diesel injection pump plunger, medical apparatus and instruments, piston ring


CrN is compact and smooth. It is still with high abrasive resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and sliding characteristics even though without enough lubrication. All above

make it as popular replacement of thin plating Cr and Ni. It is harmless for foods 

Application of CrN coatings:

The valve gear components, piston ring. hydraulic piston, textile machinery components , food processing machine elements .


TICN is famous for its high hardness and high intensity. The tool with it has strong abrasive resistance. Low friction coefficient can avoid cold welding.

Application of TICN coatings:

Milling, stamping and molding in high mechanical load. stamping and moulding of low alloy steel and Austenitic steel in intermittent cutting, injection dies(abradant or melt with fiberglass)


AITIN's hardness, inoxidizability and heat stability has been improved. Usually used in hard machining and high-speed milling. The film is also hard to abrasion and has good adhesion in the whole cutting speed even though for high intensity, difficult process material. Excellent anti-friction makes little cutting force

Application of AlTiN coatings:

Hard processing material(Ti alloy, Cr Ni Fe alloy), hard machining>52HRC, high speed cutting 

TiAISiN is with excellent hardness and abrasive wear. Tool can prevent strong cutting and thermal stress. Low friction coefficient is good for forming and flowing.

Application of TiAISiN

Small parts(watch, electronics, medical equipment, mould processing)

Technical Specifications:

Functional applications
Cutting Tools - drills, mills, reamers, taps, gear cutters and inserts
Plastic moulding tools - especially high finish tools
Press tools stamping, punching and cold forming
Model NumberARC-600ARC-900ARC-1000ARC-1200
Dimension of vacuum chamber(diameter*height)600*700mm900*10001000*11001000*1200
Material of vacuum chamberSUS304 or SUS316L with cooling jacket
Quantity of arc sources1-4 sets6-9 sets8-12 sets10-14 sets
Pumping systemmolecular pump or diffusion pump+mechanical pumpmolecular pump or diffusion pump+mechanical pumps, booster pump
Pumping TimeFrom atmosphere to 5.0*10-2Pa  less than 8 minutes
Bias Power Supply10kW15kW20kW20kW
Gas distribution System with Mass Flow Controllers3 sets
Vacuum Limit5.0*10-4 Pa
Working temperatureUp tp 550 centigrades
Working modeAutomatic or Manual mode, by 10.4 inches PLC touches screen
Total Power40-120kW40-120kW40-120kW70-180kW

CrN coating system

PVD system

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TiCN vacuum coating system

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