• Twin Cathode Sputtering Coating Machine
  • Twin Cathode Sputtering Coating Machine
  • Twin Cathode Sputtering Coating Machine

Twin Cathode Sputtering Coating Machine

Brand :Hongfeng VAC

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 70 working days after order

Supply capacity :30 sets per year

Twin Cathode Sputtering Coating Machine is one of the sputtering system in PVD technology.

Twin Cathode Sputtering Coating Machine can be used for applying dark black color and other colors on different kind of products. SiO2 coatings also can be made by the same machine.

Twin Cathode Sputtering Coating Machine

About the Machine:

Unbalanced magnetron sputtering technique has become the mainstream technology of sputtering, what characteristics superior to the DC sputtering are: Overcome the phenomenon of anode disappearance. Reduce or eliminate the abnormal arc discharge of target, therefore, improve the stability of sputtering process technology, and increase the deposition rate of dielectric coating.

Hongfeng VAC has new developed plane target, cylindrical target, twin target, opposite target and various structures of unbalanced magnetron sputtering targets.

Twin Cathode Sputtering Coating Machine is widely used in watchband, watchcases, mobile shell, hard wares, tableware etc It can deposit all kinds of decorative coatings such as TiN, TiC, TiCN, TiAIN, CrN etc.

Twin Cathode Sputtering Coating Machine is also used for applying hard coatings on tools, moulds, drills, cutting knives with TiN, CrN, TiCN, TiAlN, etc.

Hongfeng VAC also provide the separate unbalanced sputtering system, DC sputtering cathode for the customers who wanted to make their own PVD sputtering system by themselves.

Machine Usages:

cathode sputtering machine



Type SP-700 SP-900 SP-1000 SP-1200 SP-1400 SP-1800
Vacuum chamber size Ф700×H800mm Ф900×H1000mm Ф1000×H1100mm Ф1200×H1400 Ф1400×H1600 Ф1600×H1800mm
Power supply Pulse bias power supply; DC/MF magnetron power supply
(can be equipped with different power supply by requested)
Vacuum chamber structure Vertical single/double door, rear vacuum acquisition system
Vacuum chamber material Carbon steel or stainless steel304
Ultimate   vacuum 8.0×10-4Pa
Pumping   speed From 1 atm to 6.7×10-3Pa take   8~15min (room temperature, clean and unload
Vacuum system Diffusion pump + roots pump + rotary vane   pump + holding pump
(can be adjusted by requested)
Magnetron target type Planar magnetron target, cylindrical magnetron target
Pulse bias power supply 25KW 25KW 30KW 30KW 40KW
Shelves   rotation system Planetary revolution and rotation, frequency control, upper and base rotation shelves, number of axes 
equipped by requested.
Process   gas Mass   flow controller (3-4 ways), manual or automatic processing gas systems
Cooling system Water-cooling system. Cooling water tower,   industrial cooling water machine or deep water cooling system is needed to   purchase separately. ( or supplied by user)
Control system Manual or PLC + touch screen

Company Products:

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