• Vacuum Aluminum Deposition Coating Machine
  • Vacuum Aluminum Deposition Coating Machine
  • Vacuum Aluminum Deposition Coating Machine
  • Vacuum Aluminum Deposition Coating Machine

Vacuum Aluminum Deposition Coating Machine

Brand :Hongfeng VAC

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 60 working days after order

Supply capacity :30 sets per year

The main raw material for Vacuum Aluminum Deposition Coating Machine is pure aluminum filament. The machine uses thermal aluminum evaporation unit for coating.

The same machine works for different indutries of products. And because Vacuum Aluminum Deposition Coating Machine is customized, we can make the machine to be suitable for different applications.

Vacuum Aluminum Deposition Coating Machine

Deposition Coating Machine

vacuum Deposition Machine

aluminium coating machine

Deposition Coating Machine


Vacuum Aluminum Deposition Coating Machine is based on the thermal evaporation technology, are the most suitable coating system for producing reflective chrome like colors on kinds of plastic, glass, etc.


1. This type of evaporation equipment uses a thermistor evaporation system, which can quickly form a high-quality aluminum deposition film on the surface of the substrate.

2. The extraction system uses a combination of a diffusion pump + roots pump + mechanical pump.

3. The operation control system is fully automatic, and economical equipment can be controlled manually.


vacuum Deposition Machine

Material involved: plastic, resin, glass, ceramic, metal

Products: Cups, hoods, handicrafts, decorations, toys and other products are coated with aluminum, chrome and other metal films. Vacuum aluminum evaporation coating can make the surface of the plated parts have metallic, or red, purple, blue, green and other colors. Cosmetic packaging, plastic bottle caps, glass aluminum mirrors, car lights, heels, gifts, Christmas balls, car lights, car wheels, sanitary ware accessories, etc.

aluminium coating machine


Deposition Coating Machine
  • Chamber size: φ 100mm-φ1800mm(Can be customized)

  • 3-point vacuum level measuring,2-point temperature measuring

  • High power evaporation transformaer achieving uniformed metal(usually aluminum) over different material of substrates.

  • Different size, material, and types of susbtrates can be deposited by the tungsten & aluminum evaporation unit

  • Auto-deposition control system for fully automated process.

  • Center-driving or planetary substrate dome is selectable.

  • Diffusion pump(or turbo molecular pumps) plus mechanical pumps for high vacuum pumping


vacuum Deposition Machine

ModelEV series
Vacuum ChamberSUS304/Carbon Steel, φ1000mm-2000×1000-2000mm (H)
Substrate Dome SizeDepends on the customer's needs
Substrate Dome Rotation Speed10 rpm to 50 rpm (Variable)
Aluminum Evaporation Source1 or 2 sets
Vacuum SystemRoughing Pump, Diffusion Pumps or Turbo Molecular Pump + Mechanical pumps


Ultimate Pressure2.0×10-3 Pa or lower
Pump Down Rate6-8 minutes (Atm. to 5.0×10-2 Pa)
Substrate CarouselFor holding the substrates




Layout Dimensions5000mm (W)×6500mm (L)×3500mm (H) approx.
Power Requirements3-phase, 380V, 50/60Hz, 100-180kVA approx.
Cooling Water Flow Rate140/min. or greater
Compressed Air Pressure0.5MPa or higher
Gross Weight8500kg approx.



Equipment specifications / appearances can be improved or changed according to customer requirements.

Welcome to contact us for more details.

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