Inline Magnetron Sputtering system

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Inline Magnetron Sputtering system is a kind of vacuum thin film deposition equipment that works for different purposes. The most common applications of our sputtering line including:

Aluminum mirror manufacturing

  1. ITO glass coating
  2. Anti Reflective glass
  3. Decorative coatings for stainless steel and glass


This coating system is suitable for high class vacuum coating applications. It produces stable work performance to improve the quality of vacuum coating films.

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Inline magnetron sputtering coating machine is mainly DC (or MF) magnetron sputtering coating can be adapted to a wide range of targets, such as: copper, titanium, chromium, stainless steel, nickel and other metal materials that can be coated using a sputtering process can improve film adhesion, reproducibility, density, uniformity and other characteristics.

  • a. The basic characteristics and parameters
  • b. horizontal line structure can be realized simultaneously coated on one side
  • c. production efficiency, the fastest speeds of up to 1 min / beat
  • d. modular design, easy maintenance
  • e. plating process maturity, high yield
  • f. DC magnetron sputtering cathodes may vary depending on customer requirements
  • g. vacuum system consists of a mechanical pump, Roots pumps, diffusion pumps (molecular pump) Composition
  • h. Line body size may vary depending on customer requirements
  • 1) The vacuum chamber body materials used SUS304, polishing a vacuum chamber wall treatment, the outer wall spray polishing beads processing.
  • 2) Using an independent gate valve between the vacuum chamber - flapper valve apart, can effectively cut off, stabilize the process gas. At present our company adopt the flapper valve design, it seals better, more durable than the current domestic common flap valve.
  • 3) Transmission uses magnetic guide, protect the stability of the drive. For each speed of the entire production line using VVVF motor drive, running speed can be adjusted.
  • 4) Electric Control System: Touch Screen and P L C automatic control, man-machine dialogue to achieve the data display system, operating parameters and control technology
  • 1) Ultimate vacuum pressure: 6 × 1 0E-4 Pa
  • 2) the average production cycle: according to the product determined
  • 3) The substrate holder Size: can be customized according to the requirements of
  • 4) Film uniformity: ± 3% advanced mobile field technology has greatly enhanced target utilization
  • Segmented heater design is conducive to process optimization.

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