How to select plastic materials for vacuum coating machine coating

The continuous development of vacuum coating machine technology, so that many of the original can not be coated materials can also be coated, but there are still some materials have not developed a solution, but I am very much looking forward to, because technology is infinite, many of the previous dare not imagine the technology, are now realized, the future must appear a new page.

For the technology of vacuum coating machine, plastic can also be coated, which is a technical development, but not all plastics can be coated with vacuum coating machine, because the plastic itself with certain characteristics of the current coating technology is still not solved.

So what kind of plastic can be coated by vacuum coating machine?

First of all, there should be a certain affinity between the plastic itself and the coating layer, only the film layer and the workpiece closely together, in order not to be easy to fall off, long life, some plastic can not be well combined with the wax layer, researchers found that the plastic surface first coated with a layer of paint to facilitate the close combination of the film layer, so as to solve the problem of adhesion, but this coating can strengthen the combination with the film

layer outside, now also To strengthen the bond with the plastic, and at the same time to meet these two conditions of the coating is not that easy to find, only part of the plastic can find the corresponding coating, but some of the plastic is always yet to be found, and these plastics can not be coated with vacuum coating machine.

Secondly, the plastic itself will certainly contain some volatile impurities, with the rise of temperature, will volatile escape, but as the workpiece can be coated, the volatile material can tolerate is limited, so in the selection of plastic materials for vacuum coating, to choose the less outgassing, so for the vacuum coating machine operation of the vacuum degree of impact can also take measures to make it under control, if a large number of words will not be controlled and The vacuum level will be reduced and the quality of coating will be affected.

The last is the stability of plastic heat, plastic is widely used is because it can be in the state of heating in accordance with the designer’s wishes to shape the desired image, which is heat deformation, but in the vacuum coating machine coating environment, must produce a certain temperature, if the plastic is unstable heat, it will be a good thing.

If the plastic is not stable by heat, it will be deformed, even if the coating layer is good, the workpiece has been deformed, and what is the use of it, so for the coating of plastic materials, will use the vacuum coating machine that generates heat below the melting point of the workpiece, but some plastic melting point is really low, the current technology has not been solved, so these plastics are not suitable for vacuum coating machine coating.

Post time: Nov-04-2022