Maintenance points of vacuum coating equipment after long operation

If the vacuum coating equipment is used continuously for more than 6 months, the pumping speed of the vacuum coating equipment will become significantly slower, so how to maintain it? This article briefly describes the maintenance points of the vacuum coating equipment after a long period of operation.

First of all, it must be flushed into the atmosphere, remove the coupling water pipe, screw out the first level nozzle, then clean the pump cavity and pump gallbladder with gasoline, then wash

it with laundry detergent to water, wait for the water to evaporate and dry, install the pump gallbladder, re-add the new diffusion of pump oil, and install it back into the body, then you can restart the machine.

When the vacuum plating is restarted, we should pay special attention to pick up the leakage, first observe whether the vacuum of the diffusion pump part reaches 6*10PA, otherwise we have to carry out leak detection.

Check whether the coupling is fitted with sealing rubber ring or crushed seal.

Exclude the hidden danger of air leakage before heating, otherwise the diffusion pump oil will burn the ring and can not enter into the working state.

When the vacuum coating equipment pumping continuous work for a month, we must replace the new oil, the pump oil in the old oil completely discharge.

Then add the new pump oil to a certain amount. After using continuously for more than half a year, you should open the oil cover and wipe the dirt inside the tank with a cloth when you change the vacuum pump oil again.

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Post time: Nov-04-2022