Tips for maintenance of vacuum coating equipment

How to maintain the vacuum coating equipment? Vacuum coating equipment maintenance and what are the skills? Now many manufacturers are not very clear about the maintenance of vacuum coating equipment, in the need for maintenance maintenance, but the results can not

start, so many have a vacuum coating equipment manufacturers very headache. Today I share with you how to repair and maintenance of vacuum coating equipment and the three main tips in the maintenance process.

1, vacuum coating equipment every 200 coating procedures completed above, should clean the studio once. The method is: use caustic soda (NaOH) saturated solution to repeatedly scrub the inner wall of the vacuum chamber, ( note that human skin can not directly contact the caustic soda solution, so as not to burn ) the purpose is to make the plated film material aluminum ( AL ) and NaOH reaction, the reaction of the film layer off, and the release of hydrogen gas. Then clean the vacuum chamber with water and clean the dirt inside the fine pumping valve with a cloth dipped in gasoline.

2、When the rough pump (slide valve pump, rotary vane pump) works continuously for one month (half in rainy season), it needs to be replaced with new oil. The method is: unscrew the oil release bolt, release the old oil, then start the pump for a few seconds, so that the old oil in the pump is completely discharged. Screw back the oil drain bolt and add new oil to the rated amount (observed by oil sight glass). Use continuously for more than half a year, when changing oil, open the oil cover and wipe the dirt in the box with a cloth.

3, more than 6 months of continuous use of diffusion pump, pumping speed has become significantly slower, or improper operation, filling into the atmosphere, remove the coupling water pipe, remove the electric furnace plate, the first nozzle screw out, first with gasoline will pump cavity and pump gallbladder cleaning once, and then wash with washing powder to water, and then clean thoroughly with water, after the water evaporates dry, install the pump gallbladder, add new diffusion pump oil, and put back into the body, connect the water pipe, install the electric furnace The plate, you can restart the machine.

Before restarting the machine, pay attention to the leak detection work. The method is: start to maintain the pump, close the door, after a few minutes, observe whether the vacuum degree of the diffusion pump part reaches 6X10 Pa, otherwise, leak detection should be carried out. Check whether the coupling is fitted with sealing rubber ring or crushed seal. Exclude the hidden danger of air leakage before heating, otherwise the diffusion pump oil will burn the ring and cannot enter the working state.

Post time: Nov-04-2022