PVD Vacuum Coating Cathodic Arc Deposition Machine For Cutting Tools

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PVD vacuum coating cathodic arc deposition machine has used the newly developed cathode electric arc ion source. This new arc source can effectively reduce the amount and the size of particles during process. Furthermore, it operates stably and can maintain work for a long time under low electricity. Therefore, the coating film connects well to the base and is featured by smooth surface and high micro-hardness etc.

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PVD vacuum coating cathodic arc deposition machine can plate many types of work pieces ( tool and die, gauge and cutting tool, bearing and piston ring etc. ) There are multiple types of coating film (single metal or alloy). It can be used not only for coating equipment for functional film to extend the service life of product and but also the decorative coating to improve the appearance of products.



● Droplets, a major defect of Cathodic arc deposition, are successfully minimized by our PVD arc ion plating machine
● Thick dense film with extremely smooth surface
● High deposition rate by High energy density& High ionization
● Multi-layer films& multi process films are possible

PVD vacuum coating cathodic arc deposition machine can deposit TiN, CrN, AITiN, AICrN, TiCN, TiAICrN, TiAISiN, DLC, multilayer super hard coatings, which is used in precision mould industry(dies, shear mould, standard mould etc), tool industry(drill, hard alloy, milling cutter, broaches, screw tap and gear cutter ect.) and automobile industry(piston, piston rings and parts etc.).



Equipped with multiple Arc Source / Rectangular Plane Arc Source and Bias Power Supply, optional multiple Hollow Cathode Gun. High deposition rate, High ionization rate, Easy operation. Uniformly plasma density and stable reactivity with grid bias power supply.
Film Type: TiN, TiC, TiCN, TiAIN, TiCrN, TiCrCN, TiAICrN, Multiple Superhard film, etc.
Coatings Feature: Strong coatings compactness and adhesive, uniform coatings, high hardness.
Note: Specially tailored according to customers' products and process requirements.

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