small PVD coating machine for jewellery

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small PVD coating machine for jewelery is a smart design to make coatings on small sizes substrates. It uses PVD vacuum technology to obtain different colors in vacuum plasma chambers. Arc ion plating is the easiest PVD technology to obtain golden efficiently.
Arc ion plating produces a lot of heat during the process, so it is usually used for metal(mainly stainless steel), glass and ceramic items.

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The main features of ARC-500 are fast cycle times, easy operation and user-friendliness at a favorable price. It has four high performance cathodic arc evaporation cathodes. It is the ideal choice for customers looking to enter the coating world or wanting to add a fast low-volume PVD system to their fleet of machines.
Technologies Applied:
Cathodic arc evaporation cathodes
High target utilization
High deposition rate
Quick cathode exchange

• Overall structure: Vertical front door, horizontal front door, rear vacuum pumping system
• Materials: The cavity is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel
• Ion arc source: Equipped with multiple sets of arc power supply according to the size of the equipment
• Bias power supply: Equipped with high-power single-stage pulse bias power supply
• Multi-arc targets: Multiple sets of titanium or stainless steel targets as standard
• Rotating system: Variable frequency speed regulation, combination of revolution and rotation, upper transmission or lower transmission.
• Vacuum system (Decorative coating equipment): Diffusion pump (optional molecular pump) + Roots pump + mechanical pump
• Gas control: Multi-way gas mass flow control system
• Heating system: decorative coating 150 ℃ temperature control PID adjustable and controllable
• Intelligent control: PLC intelligent control + HMI full-color touch interface, to achieve fully automatic logic control
• Alarm and protection: Alarm under abnormal conditions and implement corresponding protection measures.


Load And Cycle Times

Max. load: 100kg
4 - 6 batches/day
Dual-rotation kicker carousel or triple-rotation gearbox system
Simple use and maintenance
Control system with touch screen
Data recording and real-time display of process parameters and flow
Manual and automatic process control
Footprint [mm]: L2300 x W1600 x H1950

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