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As an experienced manufacturer of PVD coating system, Hongfeng VAC provides customized solutions for their clients. From the vacuum coater with big vacuum chamber and small size chamber or even the mini smart PVD system for laboratory and research applications.
The vacuum pumping system can be with economic diffusion pump and high quality turbo molecular pumps.
We even provide all accessories of the PVD machine for our clients. Such as arc cathodes, magnetron sputtering cathodes, mass flow controllers, vacuum pressure sensor, pirani gauge and ion gauges, target materials, vacuum pumps and vacuum pump stations, etc.

We produce small PVD coating machines for decorative applications on small items, such as jewellery, watch shells, etc. The colors can be rose golden, gold, black, blue, etc.

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We produce small PVD coating machines for decorative applications in small items, such as jewelry, watch shells, etc. The colors can be rose golden, golden, black, blue, etc.


• Overall structure: Vertical front door, horizontal front door, rear vacuum pumping system
• Materials: The cavity is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel
• Ion arc source: Equipped with multiple sets of arc power supply according to the size of the equipment
• Bias power supply: Equipped with high-power single-stage pulse bias power supply
• Multi-arc targets: Multiple sets of titanium or stainless steel targets as standard
• Rotating system: Variable frequency speed regulation, combination of revolution and rotation, upper transmission or lower transmission.
• Vacuum system (Decorative coating equipment): Diffusion pump (optional molecular pump) + Roots pump + mechanical pump
• Gas control: Multi-way gas mass flow control system
• Heating system: decorative coating 150 ℃ temperature control PID adjustable and controllable
• Intelligent control: PLC intelligent control + HMI full-color touch interface, to achieve fully automatic logic control
• Alarm and protection: Alarm under abnormal conditions and implement corresponding protection measures.



Composition of the PVD machine:

  • Vacuum chamber:
  • Dual layers of vacuum chamber for insulating the heating produce by the arc deposition process. Well welded vacuum chamber without leakage basis on more than 10 years of manufacturing of vacuum equipment.
  • Cathodes:
  • Copper core arc cathodes for better conductivity for the arc deposition process. Droplet problem is minimized by the special design and power source which is particularly designed for arc deposition.
  • Carousel:
  • Carousel designed according to your substrates for a better deposition result.
  • Pumping system
  • High vacuum pumps for stable pumping ability and keep obtain the high vacuum efficiently. Both of molecular pump and diffusion pump is available for your option.
  • Power sources
  • We choose power sources from reliable manufacturers which ensure the precise power, current and voltage to obtain the high quality PVD coatings.
  • PLC control system:
  • Full touched panel with easy operation menu, English version is available.
  • The common recipes can be recorded in the system and for fast option.
  • Gas distribution system
  • High precision gas flow controller to control the processing gas during PVD coating.

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