Vacuum chroming machine for coffin accessories

Short Description:

Vacuum chroming machine for coffin accessories, which uses a resistance tungsten heating method in a vacuum coating chamber to melt and vaporize aluminum wires clung to a resistance wire, and the vaporized metal molecules are deposited on plastic coffin accessories to obtain a smooth and high-reflectivity film layer so as to achieve the purpose of decorating and beautifying the surface of items.

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  • Vacuum metallizing machine is suitable for all kinds of plastics (ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC) and other materials. Through complete vacuum coating and pre-treatment and post-treatment, we can obtain gold, silver, red, purple, blue, gray, black, colorful and other colors, which can improve the product grade and make the appearance more luxurious.


  • The structure is reasonable
  • The film layer is uniform
  • Film forming quality
  • High pumping speed, short working cycle and high production efficiency
  • Operation is convenient
  • Low energy consumption and stable performance
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Application industry

Widely used in automobiles, plastic decoratives, clocks and watches, toys, mobile phones, anti-halo, cosmetics, toys and other industries.

Efficiency of response

1. How long is your production lead time?
It depends on the product and the number of orders. Normally, it takes about 70 days to complete the production and full testing of the small size vacuum coating machine.

2. When can I get the quotation?
We usually quote you within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry. If you are very anxious to get a quotation, please call us or let us know by email so that we can give your inquiry priority.

3. Can you send the product to my country?
Sure, we can. If you don't have your own shipping company, we can help you.

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