Vacuum chroming machine for Mannequins parts

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Vacuum chroming machine for mannequins parts, General Description:

Vacuum chroming is a simple and efficient vacuum coating method. Its raw material is usually pure aluminum, which can form a highly reflective mirror effect on the surface of plastic, glass and ceramics.

Vacuum metallizing process requires a smooth, dry surface, so we usually use vacuum coating with a painting spray line.

After vacuum coating, we can get all kinds of bright colors by dyeing or spraying.

Vacuum chroming machine has the advantages of high efficiency, fast cycle, low production cost and simple operation.

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Vacuum chroming machine is designed for fast vacuum plating on plastic materials. After vacuum coating process, we can apply gold, silver, red, purple, blue, gray, black and other colors
The machine can come with 1 or 2 doors.
The advantage of a 2 doors vacuum chrome machine is, you can load products into one of the doors, and close the other door, and start the coating process.
Painting line and oven is necessary for the metallizing process.


Good structure to improve productivity
The coating layer is high glory
The price of raw material is low
The operation is easy and automatic
Maintenance is convenient
Low energy consumption and stable performance


Application industry

Widely used in automobiles, plastic decorations, mannequins parts, sanitary wares, handles, plastic caps, clocks and toys, mobile phones, cosmetics, toys and other industries.

What are your company’s advantages?

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3. Quality assurance.
We have been producing and designing non-standard vacuum coating machines for 14 years. We have rich production experience and are very familiar with the market. We are also very familiar with the quality stability of product accessories.

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