Vacuum metallizing machine for plastic caps

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We provide high efficiency Vacuum metallizing machine for plastic caps.
We uses thermal resistance aluminum evaporation technology, to evaporate pure aluminum and form a thin film on the plastic items.

The metallic coatings is very thin and it can not cover the scratches on the surface of products. So the items must be well protected and with base lacquer before vacuum metallizing process.
The metallizing process is a fast cycle technology, it makes high vacuum in the chamber very fast, generally in 10-15minutes, and the evaporation step only take less than 1 minutes. It happens in a room temperature. So the raw material of products can be plastic, glass and ceramic.

Because the process and operation for vacuum metallizers are very simple in PVD technologies, it is the most cheap and solutions for different industries.

The application of vacuum metallizing is very wide. We can use the vacuum plating for making batch type mirror manufacturing.
We can use vacuum metallization process for shiny metallic decorations.
Plastic caps for bottles and cosmetic packages are one of the most common applications.

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Vacuum metallizing machine is suitable for all kinds of plastics (ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC) and other materials. Through complete vacuum coating and pre-treatment and post-treatment, we can obtain gold, silver, red, purple, blue, gray, black, colorful and other colors, which can improve the product grade and make the appearance more luxurious.


The structure is reasonable
The film layer is uniform
Film forming quality
High pumping speed, fast working cycles and high production efficiency
Operation is convenient
Low energy consumption and stable performance


Application industry

Material involved: plastic, resin, glass, ceramic, metal
Products: Cups, hoods, handicrafts, decorations, toys and other products are coated with aluminum, chrome and other metal films. Vacuum aluminum evaporation coating can make the surface of the plated parts have metallic, or red, purple, blue, green and other colors. Cosmetic packaging, plastic bottle caps, glass aluminum mirrors, car lights, heels, gifts, Christmas balls, car lights, car wheels, sanitary ware accessories, etc.

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