Aluminum Mirror Inline Magnetron Sputtering Line

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Aluminum Mirror Inline Magnetron Sputtering Line is designed for high output of glass mirror manufacturing purpose. In order to coat bigger glass and take care about fragile glass panel, especially for the large size sheets, we usually make horizontal type of sputtering line. It is a continuous magnetron coating line, with the front and rear rough pumping chamber, and after the transition chamber, before and after the fine pumping chamber, a buffer chamber, color plating room.

Target design:  cylindrical magnetron sputtering cathodes or/and planar cathodes.

Power source: power supply with high power DC or MF magnetron sputtering

Drive system: roller drive, frequency adjustable, induction type room door opening system.

Vacuum system: diffusion pump (or turbo molecular pump) + roots pump + mechanical pump

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Main features

  • Aluminum Mirror Inline Magnetron Sputtering Line is usually comes with multiple vacuum chambers to complete of the vacuum coating on glass sheets.
  • Main features:
  • coating size:2440x3660mm or customized
  • 2. Multi-vacuum chambers and multi-sputtering chamber design are available
  • 3. The horizontal magnetic control line has single-end and double-end structure; glass double cleaning, coating, detection, painting, drying, cooling can be finished all at one time
  • 4. The sputtering coating line uses PLC for whole process control and is equipped with color screen to show the coating process data

Layer of coatings: Titanium, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Silver, Copper, etc.

  • Compound: TiN, TiO2, etc.
  • Layer thickness: 5-100nm
  • Transmission: 8-40% at 380-780 nm wavelengths
  • Deposition temperature: room temperature
  • Ultimate pressure after 8 hr pump-down:
  • Entry lock chamber & vacuum lock chamber: 5×10-1 Pa or below
  • Buffer Chamber 1    : 3×10-3 Pa or below
  • Sputtering Chamber:          2×10-3 Pa or below
  • Buffer Chamber 2    : 3×10-3 Pa or below
  • Exit lock chamber & vacuum lock chamber: 5×10-1 Pa or below

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