titanium nitride PVD vacuum coating machine

Short Description:

titanium nitride PVD vacuum coating machine uses PVD vacuum technology to obtain different vacuum coatings(mainly titanium nitride) on substrates. The point is that, the technology can be used for both of decorative and functional applications. The difference is the machine for decorative coatings do not require very high vacuum and temperature as it is for hard coatings.

This technology is widely used for stainless steel decorations, ceramic tiles and tablewares, watches and jewelleries.

For functional application, it is involved in coating of hardwares, tungsten carbides, cutting tools, mold and dies, punches, drills, etc.

Product Detail

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Variable coating structure (nanostructures, multi-layer, monolayer)

Very good adhesion on the substrate

  • Very good reproduction of textured and polished surfaces
  • Very good maintenance of dimensional accuracy and contour-true coating
  • No hardness reduction
  • No influencing of the crystalline structure of the steel with suitable material selection

Main features

  • 1 .PVD Coating chamber is box-type structure of front door which is made of stainless steal
  • 2. The specification of coating chamber and axle size of work-pieces meets the general requirements of coating needs
  • 3. Arc source is advanced and reliable
  • 4. Cylindrical or planar magnetron sputter are available
  • 5. Automatic or manual control of PLC is available

Why choose us?

We innovate new technique to make the PVD colored coats much harder and more durable than others. The general coating deposition method coats the product with a film of hard refractory 1-2 microns thick , but we make it thicker for better wear , scratch and corrosion resistance making its durability superior to general coating methods such as electroplating or other PVD processes. Our new PVD technique can be achieved smooth PVD coat with good scratch resistant compared to other PVD processes as well.

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