Functional Cathodic Arc Deposition machine

Short Description:

Functional Cathodic Arc Deposition machine uses arc deposition vacuum technology to obtain PVD hard coatings on substrates. Titanium nitride coating is the most universal coatings for the involved items.
The hard coating PVD coating machine can apply titanium nitride, titanium carbide nitruro, titanium aluminuro nitruro, chrome nitruro, DLC and other hard coatings for tools, molds, hardware and knives. Our company has extensive experience in these applications.

Main application: hardwares, tungsten carbides, cutting tools, mold and dies, punches, drills, etc.

Product Detail

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Variable coating structure (nanostructures, multi-layer, monolayer)
Very good adhesion on the substrate
Very good reproduction of textured and polished surfaces
Very good maintenance of dimensional accuracy and contour-true coating
No hardness reduction
No influencing of the crystalline structure of the steel with suitable material selection
Why choose us:
1. We are manufacturing the PVD machines base on experience more than 14 years
2. Personalized solution to meet the special requirements of all
3. Unique arc evaporation copper nucleus to obtain better conductivity

Main features

1 .PVD Coating chamber is box-type structure of front door which is made of stainless steal
2. The specification of coating chamber and axle size of work-pieces meets the general requirements of coating needs
3. Arc source is advanced and reliable
4. Cylindrical or planar magnetron sputter are available
5. Automatic or manual control of PLC is available


Molybdenum Barillas for the generation of arches
Advanced design for arc evaporators for excellent job performance
The type of box and the compact model are available to save the footprint
The hybrid coating system is for its option
Easy Operating PLC Control System
High quality and famous brand vacuum bombs and accessories

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