vacuum metallization coating machine

Short Description:

Vacuum metallization coating machine, is to heat the coated aluminum wire material in a vacuum chamber to a certain temperature so that it evaporates and enters the space in the form of molecules or atoms to achieve the purpose of coating. The vacuum coating is uniform, the adhesive force is strong, the mechanical property and the chemical property of the tool are improved, and meanwhile, the purity of the film is very high, the compactness is good, and the surface is bright, thereby greatly improving the yield of products.

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  • Vacuum metallization coating machine is suitable for all kinds of plastics (ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC) and other materials. Through complete vacuum coating and pre-treatment and post-treatment, we can obtain gold, silver, red, purple, blue, gray, black, colorful and other colors, which can improve the product grade and make the appearance more luxurious.


  • The structure is reasonable
  • The film layer is uniform
  • Film forming quality
  • High pumping speed, fast working cycles and high production efficiency
  • Operation is convenient
  • Low energy consumption and stable performance

Application industry

Widely used in automobiles, plastic decoratives, clocks and watches, toys, mobile phones, anti-halo, cosmetics, toys and other industries.


1. How can I get a quote?
Please leave us a message stating the maximum size, material and use of your product, and we will reply you within working hours. You can also contact us directly through the Trade Manager or any other handy instant chat tool.

2. Can I have a sample to check the quality?
We are happy to provide you with samples for testing. Please leave us a message and leave your WhatsApp to communicate.

3. Can you OEM for us?
Yes, we accept OEM orders with enthusiasm.

4. What services can we provide?
Accepted delivery terms. FOB, CIF, EXW, CIP; .
Accepted currency of payment. Dollars, euros, yuan.
Terms of payment accepted. T/T,
Language English, Chinese

5. Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are a factory and have the right to export. That means factory plus trade.

6. What is the minimum order quantity?
Our minimum order is one set.

7. What's your delivery time?
A: Normally, our delivery time is within 70 days after confirmation.

8. What are the terms of payment?
We accept T/T and other payment terms.

12. How can I trust you?
We can provide the contact information of our established customers so that you can contact them for a direct evaluation of the use of our vacuum coating equipment.

13. Can you guarantee the product?
Yes, our vacuum coating machine warranty is 1 year, lifetime technical support.

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